Presidential Solaris Luxury Solar Reflective Shingles. Cool roof technology.
  • Presidential Solaris Luxury Solar Reflective Shingles. Cool roof technology.

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Shadow Gray
Shadow Gray

Shadow Gray

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Charcoal Black

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Autumn Blend

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Technical Information
Green Information

Presidential Solaris™ – Reflective Roofing Shingle with Cool Roof Technology

This roofing shingle will give you the look of a wood roof with the efficiency of a cool roof. Designed to replicate the look of authentic wood shakes, Presidential Solaris™ asphalt roofing shingles contains advanced colored granules that reflect the sun’s rays. These roofing shingles feature 25 percent solar reflectivity and deliver the charm of hand-split wood shakes, but with durability and strength that outperforms wood.

The rich mixture of surface granules gives an added dimension and maximum definition. You get a brighter, more vibrant, dramatic appearance and depth of color.

  • Reduces energy costs by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it
  • Presidential Solaris roofing shingles are ENERGY STAR® qualified and meet the California Cool Roof Rating Council guidelines
  • Ask your roofing company about cool roof guidelines in your area
  • Two-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction
  • Distinctive sculpted, rustic look
  • 355 lbs. per square
  • UL Class A fire resistance rating
  • UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
  • UL certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1
  • Conforms to CSA Standard A123.5
  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements®

You don't have to go white to go green...

Using cool roofing technology has been recognized as one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of lowering energy consumption. But until now, going green meant going white.

While white is naturally reflective, Presidential Solaris' innovative technology puts color where white used to be and produces a shingle that reflects solar energy.

Presidential Solaris solar reflective shingles form a barrier between the sun and your energy bills with a solar reflective shingle that can reduce your roof’s temperature in the summer. And that means lower energy costs and greater savings over the life of your roof.

Presidential Solaris solar reflective shingles are ecologically smart, beautifully durable, and architecturally ideal for sunny climates or anywhere solar heat is a challenge.

So cool, it's rated for rebates.

Presidential Solaris solar reflective shingles are ENERGY STAR® qualified roofing products that meet both solar reflectance and thermal emissivity requirements. The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation ACT of 2010 extends tax credits for energy efficiency into 2011. The new tax credit allows for 10% of the cost of the improvement, up to $500 for insulation, roofs and doors.

Presidential Solaris shingles are also rated by Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for cool roofs and meets California's Title 24 requirements for cool steep slope roofing.

And some utility companies offer a rebate for Presidential Solaris that can put as much as $300 back into a homeowner’s pocket for an average 3,000 sq. ft. roof.

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