Your Roofing System | Part II: Gutters



    Your Roofing System | Part II: Gutters


    At one point or another, your home’s gutters are probably going to get clogged or damaged. Debris such as twigs, dirt, and leaves accumulate in your gutters, putting stress on your rain gutter system, and preventing your gutters from performing their designated duty of safely moving excess rainwater away from your home. Regardless of what debris causes your gutter to clog, the resulting backlog of water can do serious damage not only to your gutter system, but also to other parts of your home such as the foundation, your yard, and especially your roof.

    If your roof is damaged, there is a chance that the cause of the damage can be traced back to an issue with your Clogged gutters can pose a serious risk to your homegutters. The obvious goal of gutters is to divert rainwater, so if the gutters are clogged and the water cannot be displaced, your roof is immediately at risk. Clogs in your gutters can cause your roof to rust and weaken overtime, leading to leaks in your roof that could compromise the integrity of your roofing supports. As wood becomes weak from water damage, the chances of a roof collapse increase.

    You can avoid potential roof damage by ensuring your gutters are properly outfitted with gutter protection. Gutter guards prevent unwanted debris from settling in your gutters, thus reducing the chances of a clog accumulating. In addition to wreaking havoc on your roof, gutter clogs provide a perfect environment for mosquitoes, termites, and mold to thrive, putting your family’s health at risk.  Many roofing contractors offer gutter services as well, so if gutters are a concern to you, make sure to do your research and find a contractor that fits your needs. Professionally installed gutters and regular gutter maintenance can save you and your family from potential headaches down the road.

    It is important to note that if your roof is under warranty, it is highly recommended to review your warranty to check to see what types of damages are covered and if there are any special stipulations. Some roof warranties require your gutter system to be cleaned on a regular basis, and may not cover any damage caused by clogged or damaged gutters. Gutters are a crucial part of your roofing system. Proper gutter care is important, and, if ignored, has potentially serious consequences.

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