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Window innovations have come a long way, and there are more types of windows available now than ever before. Homeowners can choose from a variety or window types, each with its own advantages. If your home is drafty or poorly insulated, the windows may be part of the problem. Another advantage of window and door replacement is that it can be performed any time of year—even in the middle of a cold Northern Virginia winter.

Single-pane windows: Single-pane windows are a single payer of glass set in a frame. These windows are inexpensive and common in older homes, but can be a poor insulator against temperatures and outside noise.

Double-pane windows: these windows are a double layer of glass with airspace between them. Sometimes the airspace is filled with a special, insulating gas to increase insulation. These are a popular window type as they provide much more insulation than a single-pane window.

Triple-pane windows: In homes that suffer from extreme cold or heat, triple-pane windows might be the answer: three layers of glass with air or insulating gas between the layers. While more expensive than double-pane windows, these windows offer a high insulation value to your home.

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