Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Add Rooftop Solar Panels


Today, more homeowners than ever are choosing to power their home with the help of the sun instead of the electric company. How exactly are they doing this? Via solar rooftop panels which generate electricity that, in turn, powers their home.

Solar rooftop panels work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells. Then, inverters direct current energy to the home’s electrical panel. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, and it has the potential of making the planet a whole lot healthier for future generations. It can also help save you money.     

Why choose rooftop solar panels?

While the use of solar rooftop panels may seem a little New Age-y, it’s most definitely not. Today, it’s widely considered the most viable source of clean, renewable energy in the U.S. That’s why now, even in this tough economic climate, investing in solar roofing panels is a wise idea. Here’s why:  

They can increase your home’s value.

New home buyers are placing a greater emphasis on the importance of purchasing green, energy-efficient dwellings. Studies have shown that adding solar roofing panels to your home can boost its value by about $15,000.

They can save you money.

When you invest in rooftop solar panels, your energy bills will most likely reduce – by how much depends on how often you use your heat and electricity and how large your solar panel system is. Additionally, you could qualify for solar renewable energy credits that can save you even more money.

They’re good for the planet.

Installing roofing solar panels can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Fossil fuels like oil and coal can’t do this. In fact, they do the opposite by releasing emissions into the environment that pollute the air and water. And as climate change continues to be a concern, solar energy will be even more critical to help the planet.

They’re easy to maintain.

In general, solar rooftop panels don’t require a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to clean them a few times a year (although the inverter should be replaced every five to ten years). And, most manufacturers offer 20-25 year warranties, so in the event that you’d need a part of your solar roofing system repaired or replaced within the first two decades after your purchase, you can rest easy knowing your replacement parts and service are covered. 

Common misperceptions about solar roofing panels  

  • They’re not dependable. Some say solar roofing panels aren’t dependable, but the fact is that they work year-round, on cloudy days, and in inclement weather, too. In fact, homeowners who use solar energy are often in luck during snow and thunderstorms because when power poles get knocked down and transformers are blown, solar panels keep on working. 
  • You can only use them in certain places. Forget what you’ve heard about solar panels only working in certain areas of the country or on roofs that get a lot of sun. Solar rooftop panels can work on any roof. They even work great as power sources on vans and buses.       
  • They’re hard to install.  Depending on how large your roofing solar panel system is, they can usually be installed in one day by a professional. You can also install them yourself with just a few tools.

Interested in finding out if rooftop solar panels are a good option for your home? Contact a CertainTeed professional to learn more.

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