What To Do About Damaged Gutters


Your gutters have a big job to do. Protecting your home from damage caused by rainwater, snow, and debris like fallen branches and leaves is extremely important and when your gutters are in need of repair or replacement, your home is susceptible to damage.

If you notice your gutters are warped in areas, sagging or detached from your roof in some places, it’s time to call a CertainTeed roofer who can assess the problem and make the necessary improvements. In some cases, gutters can be repaired, other times they’ll need to be replaced.

What causes gutter damage?

Normal wear and tear. Your home’s gutters should be routinely inspected by a professional who can clear them of any debris and perform any repairs. If it’s been a while since your gutters were last checked, or if they’re older, they’re more prone damage. Normal wear and tear that occurs with age is one of the biggest reasons gutters need to be replaced.

Stormy weather. Blizzards and tornados can wreak havoc on your gutters. But so can heavy rainfall, an unusually windy day, hail, and bad thunderstorms. After stormy weather, make sure to check your gutters for any damage. If you see that parts of your gutters are no longer secured to your roof, give a CertainTeed roofer a call.

DIY maintenance. If you want to clean your gutters or perform simple maintenance on your own, we applaud you but with a word of caution: be very careful. It’s not unusual for a CertainTeed roofer to be called to a home after a DIY job has gone wrong. Gutters can warp or break, especially from the weight of a ladder or when someone leans too heavily on them.

When to get gutter help

If you notice an issue with your gutters, it’s important to contact a CertainTeed professional quickly. Waiting to assess and repair the gutters can result in even more damage. If you see any of the issues below, give us a call.

  • Pools of water. If you notice water pooling on the ground underneath the roof, or if the gutters can’t hold water at all, call a professional immediately.
  • Any broken or missing brackets or other gutter hardware will need to be replaced.
  • Holes or tears in the gutters caused by fallen branches or other debris.
  • Areas of the gutters that appear warped, rusted or otherwise corroded.

Remember: Never wait when you suspect there’s a problem with your gutters. Instead, call a CertainTeed roofing professional who has the knowledge and the experience to repair or replace your gutters. This will keep your roof and your home in top shape for years to come.

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