What is a Commercial Roof Coverboard?


If you’re wondering if there’s a way to really make your roof go the distance and stand the test of time for your business, the answer is yes. It starts with installing a commercial roof cover board.

Roofing cover boards have a wide variety of benefits, and they’re ideal for any roof - no matter how big or small. If you’re seeking ways to protect your business from wind damage, or add protection from fires or storms, commercial roofing boards are a great solution.

Still not sure? Below are some common question and answers about commercial roof cover boards.

Why do I need a roofing cover board?

Not only do cover boards make your roof more durable, they can serve as excellent barriers from wind, fire, and can prevent roof damage should something fall on the roof. They can also provide insulation from heat and cold as well.

How are the roof cover boards installed?

Commercial roof cover boards are relatively quick and easy to install, but the job is best left to a roofing professional who can ensure the boards are fitted properly for maximum benefit. Typically, the cover boards are fastened securely to structural deck, otherwise they are adhered.

What types of materials are used for commercial roofing boards?

Roofing boards come in a wide variety of materials. Which you choose depends on your needs. Some offer more moisture resistance, for example, while other commercial roofing boards offer fire and wind protection.

Some of the most popular commercial roof cover boards are made from fiber-reinforced gypsum that can include a fiberglass mat facer. Other popular cover boards are made from cement, wood and resin, and plywood and resin.

You can also choose commercial roof cover boards made with Perlite, which is a mixture of fibers, minerals, and volcanic materials. Polyiso is compressed polyicocyanurate, and asphalt with a fiberglass facer.

What other factors should I consider in selecting commercial roofing boards?

Other factors to consider when choosing the best material for your roof include budget. Some products can be significantly more expensive and offer protection and features that you may need in your region. You can also find roof cover solutions that are green and environmentally-friendly.

Protect your Business with Commercial Roof Boards

It’s important to see your business as an investment. That means budgeting to protect and secure that investment. Commercial roof coverboards provide protection for your business that can more than pay for itself over the life of the roofing.

Ready to learn more about commercial roofing boards and how they can benefit your roof? Give us a call. Our team can help you find the right commercial roof boards for your business.  

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