Types of Wood for Roofing: Which Wood Is Best for Roofing?


Types of Wood for Roofing: Which Wood is Best for Roofing?As a homeowner, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many roofing options, and if you’re interested in one specific roofing material, you may still be surprised to learn that many types exist.  

One popular roofing material amongst homeowners is a wooden roof. Not only are they eye catching, but they offer many benefits. Here are the seven most common wooden roof options.  


The many benefits of cedar make it one of the most popular choices for wood roofing. It’s resistant to rot, lightweight, and beautiful.  

In addition, it’s long lasting and budget friendly. Cedar wood shingles and shakes are resistant to strong winds and perform well in hurricanes and severe storms.  


Redwood is lightweight yet one of nature’s most robust building materials. It’s 5x greater than plastic decking products and is impervious to decay and insect damage.  

Moreover, redwood can be easily cut, sawed, and drilled with regular woodworking tools. The downside to redwood is that it tends to be more expensive than cedar and is only available in certain areas.  


Pine is a budget-friendly option for homeowners desiring a wooden roof. It’s easy to work with and install.  

Pine is durable but high maintenance. It requires regular maintenance to prevent deterioration. However, a pine roof can last up to 25 years with regular upkeep.  


Cypress wood is one of the most common roof types in the southeastern U.S. This material is resistant to insects, rot, and decay. Moreover, cypress is significantly more waterproof than other woods, making it more suitable for wet climates.  

However, cypress is low density and can be easily dented and dinged. Like cedar, cypress wood also has a distinct sour, earthly scent.  


Oak is one of the most substantial types of wood for roofs. It has a high resistance to decay and is very dense, making it a perfect choice for areas with heavy snowfall or winds. Although this type of wood is considerably more expensive than other options, its durability and strength make it an ideal choice for roofs in some climates.  


Spruce is a lightweight type of wood that can be cut and formed into various shapes. This type of wood is best suited for homeowners who want to customize a unique roof design. It’s known for its natural beauty and is highly resistant to decay.  


Fir grows in the Pacific Northwest and has good strength and durability. It’s highly resistant to decay and will offer homeowners extended protection against water damage. Fir is also one of the cheaper options for those desiring a wooden roof.  

Wooden Roof Installation  

In conclusion, a wooden roof can give your home the unique and timeless look you want. However, when choosing a wooden roof there are many things to consider: durability, resistance to weather, lifespan, and cost.  

If you have any questions about the best wood roof or how to maintain your current roof, contact us today. CertainTeed professionals can deliver and help you with a roof that will last many years.  

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