6 Types of Roofing Shingles to Consider


different types of shingles to considerWith any valuable investment in life, you want to make you are protecting it. When it comes to your roof and the value of your home, picking the shingles that protect your roof is crucial. The integrity of your home is heavily reliant on your roof, so we have gathered a list of the different types of shingles you should consider for your next roofing system. Let’s get started.

What are the different types of shingles?

The various shingle options include asphalt, tile, metal, wood, slate, and solar.


The most popular option among residential homeowners, asphalt shingles, are the preferred choice due to their quality, durability, color options, price, and low maintenance requirements. Asphalt roofs have also become highly customizable. Manufacturers now offer various colors, textures, and patterns to fit your needs.

Another aspect to consider is the time required to install the roof. If a roof is beyond repair, the last thing you want is a roofing project that can take weeks. Roofing contractors make quick work of asphalt roofs, and the good ones can do it in less than a day.   


A type of roof that has been around for centuries, tile, is made of clay, ceramic, concrete, or slate tiles. The beauty, durability, and ability to withstand harsh weather makes it an appealing choice but comes with a hefty price tag. Depending on the structure of the home and the type of tile, it could require additional structural reinforcement.


Pros include efficiency, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly, metal could be the right material for your next roof. Although they come in various options, the most popular are aluminum, steel, and copper. Ideal in warmer climates, metal roofs radiate heat better than other types of roofs, reducing your utility bills.  


Wood offers a natural and unique style which is why many are choosing it for their roofing system. Especially, individuals located in colder climates as wood shingles have a higher insulative value compared to asphalt. Some things to consider about wood shingles is they aren’t fire-resistant, require regular maintenance, and can damage easily from moisture or falling debris.


An architect favorite, slate roofs have increased in popularity due to their durability and elegant appeal. You’ll find slate atop many colonial, federal, and neoclassical style homes. It offers a classical aesthetic with clean lines making it easy on the eyes. A competitor to asphalt roofs, slate offers similar durability and relatively low maintenance. However, it does have a leg up in the value department. Homes sporting a slate roof will come with a higher price tag than those with an asphalt roof.  


An investment that lasts a lifetime, solar shingles are the environmentally friendly option for any homeowner. Reduce your carbon footprint and reduce or eliminate your energy bills. An added bonus, the government helps you pay for it. You’re able to claim the purchase on your taxes and they will help cover a portion of the cost.

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