Tips for Maintaining and Upkeep on your Commercial Roof


Commercial Roof Maintenance and RepairWhen it comes to your business, few things are important as the shape of your building – and that includes its roof. In fact, your building’s roofing system plays an integral part in helping your business’s success. Without a solid roof over your head you run the risk of damage that costs money to fix – and it just might cost you valuable time as well.

CertainTeed roofing professionals have been helping new and small business owners keep their commercial roofing systems in top shape for decades. Below are some tips to make sure yours stays working as hard as you do.

Upkeep for a Commercial Roof

Get it inspected. Twice a year, have a CertainTeed roofing professional inspect your roof for any damage including any missing or damaged shingles or hardware, gutter damage, and other issues that may lead to problems down the road. An ounce of prevention isn’t just meant for the doctor – you can apply that rule to your roof as well. 

Keep it clean. No matter what time of the year it is, your roof can fill with all sorts of debris – from tree branches and twigs, to leaves, garbage from the street, and even animal carcasses. In time, the debris can pile up and cause damage to the roof.

We recommend cleaning off the roof several times a year, especially after a bad storm or during harsh weather (when it’s safe, of course!). If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your roof, call a CertainTeed roofing professional to help.

Fix roofing issues ASAP. Once a roofing professional finds damage, make the necessary repairs quickly. This will ensure that your business never misses a beat and that you avoid more extensive, costly repairs later. Failure to make roofing repairs can also result in needing a new roofing system as well.

Check for leaks. Sometimes, it’s what’s happening inside that indicates a problem on the outside. If you see any water marks on your business’s ceiling, water on the floors or any on the walls near the ceiling, there is a good chance you have a leaking roof. Additionally, mold growth on the roof needs to be treated and eliminated sooner than later as it can cause health problems for you and your employees.

Consider your HVAC. If your commercial roofing system includes an HVAC, make sure that the professionals who installed it correctly mounted and secured the unit on the roof. If it isn’t, it can cause structural damage and leaks.

Protect your Business and Roof

If you’re a new or small business owner, let a CertainTeed professional keep your roofing system in top shape so you never miss a beat.   

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