How to select a contractor for your roof


a man in protective gear repairing a roofYour roof has an incredibly important job to do, and when it needs repair or it’s time for a replacement, it’s critical to hire a roofing company that’s trustworthy and reliable. They should also put you, the customer, first.

Take a look at our tips below on what to look for in roofing contractor. Whether you’ve got a few shingles that need replacing or you’re ready for a green roof, every job – no matter how big or small – should be a priority for the roofer you choose.

Make sure they’re insured. The first question you should ask your potential roofing company is: “Are you insured?” You’ll also want to check that they have liability insurance and worker’s compensation. And before they start the job, ask to see proof of their insurance as well.

Check reviews.  Before you invest your money, invest a little of your time checking Google reviews, as well as reviews on Facebook and places like Yelp to see what people are saying about the roofing company you’re considering hiring. Look closely at reviews, including how many “middle of the road” reviews they’ve got. Make sure to choose a roofing contractor that has plenty of great reviews.

Look out for storm chasers. Never hire a roofing company that reaches out to you after bad weather. The same goes for any contractor who shows up at your front door and tries to scare you into thinking you need roof repairs that you actually don’t. Many of these companies make you sign a letter of intent and then leave you with a roof that’s only nominally better than the way they found it.

Go local. Always choose a roofing company with ties to the community. One of the biggest reasons for doing so is to avoid roofing companies that don’t have a brick and mortar business, often operating out of their vans and travelling from town to town. These roofing companies often do subpar work but charge high prices. Then, they are long gone when a repair is needed before the warranty expires. To save this headache, go with a local roofing company with an established reputation.

Get everything in writing. A good roofing company won’t try to upsell you – ever. Still, it’s best to get details of the work being done and any payment plan in writing before the work starts. Additionally, ask how long the job will take and when they estimate the work will be completed. If the roofing company you’ve chosen won’t communicate clearly with you, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Remember: if a roofing company tries to upsell you, look elsewhere. Better yet, contact a CertainTeed roofing professional. We’ve been helping homeowners with all their roofing needs, and are here to help you with yours, too.

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