Understanding Your Roofing Warranty Options



    Understanding Your Roofing Warranty Options


    A roofing job is a very important project. You want to be sure that your new roof is covered by a warranty for any potential problems that might arise after installation, so it's a good idea to do some research beforehand. There are two kinds of warranties that you should take into consideration. The manufacturer warranty covers the roofing materials and compensates for any defects made by the roofing manufacturer, while the separate workmanship warranty covers the work done by the roofing contractor that installed the roof.

    Manufacturer Warranty

    A roofing manufacturer will pay to repair, replace, or clean any defective materials discovered within their warranty’s coverage period according to the language of the warranty. Be aware that if you qualify for a repair or replacement roof, there are variations in how the manufacture calculates its contribution to repair projects, its timetable for modifications, and limits on total coverage.

    Some things, however, will not be covered by a manufacturer warranty, such as vandalism, products not installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, or damage caused by structural changes to your home.

    Lastly, certain factors and conditions have their own separate manufacturer warranties. These details differ depending on the manufacturer and product, so it is important to take them into consideration when choosing a roofing product. Examples of these separate warranties include:

         • Impact Resistance – Specific impact resistance warranties come with some impact resistant roofing products. These products may be worth your consideration if you live in an area that experiences frequent hailstorms

         • High Winds – Wind warranties cover most roofing products, usually offering coverage for winds and gusts up to 110 MPH.

    Workmanship Warranty

    Things can be a little more varied on the labor side of things due to the multiple different warranties offered by different installers. Workmanship warranties for one to five years are common, but what exactly is covered by each contractor should be carefully examined. For example, a contractor may not cover repairs on a roof they installed if a different contractor has worked on it since the original installation.

    It’s important to be up-front when asking about warranty information for the installation. Ask for a copy in writing for your records. If a contractor does not have a written warranty, it’s a strong sign that they should not be trusted. Personal referrals, website information, and certifications indicate a competent contractor, so look for these when you do your research.

    Contractors who have been “credentialed” by roofing manufacturers are your best option. For example, the manufacturer CertainTeed grants the education-based ShingleMaster™ or SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential status to contractors who have earned them. These credentials signify an expert understanding of CertainTeed products and how to install them properly, and also allows them to offer extended SureStart™ warranties. These extended warranties by CertainTeed not only cover CertainTeed products, but they also cover the work done by Select ShingleMaster credentialed installers. This means you no longer have to analyze multiple different warranties to figure out who pays for what if problems arise. You may still incur expenses not included by an extended warranty such as disposal expenses, but your repairs and roofing materials will be covered.

    It takes time and patience to determine how a warranty will protect your investment, but the benefit is certainly worth the effort. Ask questions of both the contractor AND the manufacturer’s customer service/warranty departments, compare coverage options, and make sure you understand the benefits that can be offered by credentialed installers. If you take your time and follow those steps, you can ensure a positive result and install a worry-free roof that will last for years to come.

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