Gazebo Roof Options


Gazebo roof optionsGazebos are a great way to create an intimate setting that is both public and private. They offer protection from the elements, such as rain or sun damage, depending on what you choose for your shelter's material roofing coverage- whether it be asphalt shingle roofs when located in parks with high exposure risk factors like winds, storms, hurricanes, etc., but also lightweight fabrics meant specifically towards outdoor use, so they don't require much maintenance even during harsh winters!

In this blog post, we will discuss gazebo roof options and if you need professional roofing advice or consultation, reach out to our expert team at CertainTeed today.

Types of Gazebo Roofs

If you’re looking to build an outdoor room in your backyard, then a gazebo is a perfect choice. However - there's more than one type of roof available for these structures! Whether it be style or budget constraints- we've compiled all possible options so that no matter what design preference you have (and trust me when we say everyone has their own - try out our visualization tool), you will find something worth investing in.

Classic Four-Sided Roof

The four-sided gazebo roof is perhaps one of the most popular styles found in garden structures. The style has, well...four sides! Each side looks quite similar to an upside-down mini pyramid with more than likely all parts connecting at some point on top for support - its subtle but straightforward design makes construction simple enough.

Tiered Gazebo Roof

Try a two-tier or three-roof system to create the perfect shading while protecting your investment. Tiered gazebo roofs add an ancient appeal that will make you proud of its beauty from every angle!

Open Roof Gazebo

The beauty of an open roof is that it provides beautiful natural light and a luxurious environment for your guests to enjoy. It’s also cost-effective because you don't need extra lights or alarm systems when the sun shines brightly outside, unlike other types of gazebo roofs which require power from electric outlets on-site at all times during operation.

Shingled Roof Gazebo

If you want to add some flair and personality to your gazebo roofing, then asphalt shingle roofs are perfect. The variety in styles is unmatched by other materials such as tile or slate which can only offer limited options at best! And since these surfaces require very little maintenance compared to even wood shake decks that often need regular protection against rotting.

Octangle Gazebo Roof

Octagonal roofs are not only ideal for providing more living space, but they also help to let in natural light and remain cooler during the summer. If you're looking for a backyard oasis that will give off a beautiful flair without breaking your bank account, look no further than this striking shape!

Types of Gazebo Roof Covers

Canvas Gazebo Covers

Painting or dyeing canvas covers may seem like an affordable option, but they're not as long-lasting as those made from sturdier fabrics such as linen and polyester which can withstand the elements better without worrying about water damage due to rainstorms. The painted sides face outward, so you'll have no problem seeing through them during daytime hours.

Vinyl Gazebo Covers

With a Vinyl-coated gazebo roof cover, you not only get the benefits of an extended lifespan but also have protection against harsh weather elements such as rain and sun. The exterior is made out of tough canvas combined with vinyl coating for extra durability.

Acrylic Gazebo Covers

Acrylic gazebo roof covers are the best option when you want an easy-to-clean, long-lasting cover that won't fade or crack as canvas options can. Acrylic also comes in various colors to help create a more interesting look for your backyard space.

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