When is the Right Time to get an Inspection?



    When is the Right Time to get an Inspection?


    One of the main things homeowners tend to put off, but needs to be part of your annual home maintenance checklists is roof inspections.

    The best time to have your roof inspected truly depends on your roof’s condition, the weather and your schedule. Lastly, a roof inspection is always important after any expected or unexpected event such as a tree branch falling on your roof.

    Roof Inspection

    Having your roof inspected is more important than you think

    If you don’t see water dripping from your ceiling, it’s safe to assume your roof is in perfect condition, right? Wrong.

    Preventative maintenance is the best way to catch problems with your roof early, before they turn into big, expensive messes. A skilled roofing contractor can often identify potential leaks and other signs of damage prior to them happening, saving you a lot of stress and money.

    Spring or Fall?

    Depending on who you ask, Google included, you will get mixed answers between Spring and Fall being the best time to have your roof inspected. Some people even have strong opinions as to which season is better. Overall, the most important thing is that homeowners get regular roof inspections when you need them, regardless of the time of year.

    Why Spring?

    There are many advantages behind having your roof inspected in the spring. Some of these are:

    • Winter rain, wind and ice can cause damage to your roof
    • Snow is no longer hiding damage on the roof
    • Spring weather makes spotting winter damage easier

    Why Fall?

    As with Spring, early Fall has its benefits as well. Fall roof inspections are more preventative in preparation for the winter season. Getting loose shingles and leaky spots repaired prior to the rough weather can prevent more expensive costs down the road.

    Snow Roof Damage

    What is so Hard About Summer and Winter?

    Obviously, winter rain, ice and wind can cause wear and tear on your roof over time. However, did you know the sun also damages it as well? The heat and UV light from the sun can break down the materials in your roof, causing them to lose their waterproofing properties.

    Remember, regular inspection and maintenance is important, even if the weather has been great.

    Know When to Schedule an Extra Roof Inspection

    Just like a car, sometimes regular maintenance just isn’t enough. Things happen that may call for an extra roof inspection. Essentially, anytime you may suspect roof damage, a roof inspection may be necessary.

    As an example, if a bad storm with high winds hits, many roofs could suffer severe damage or be completely destroyed. Other roofs likely sustained damage, but was less obvious. Damage isn’t always visible to the homeowners right away. After events like that, it is recommended to have a roof inspection to protect yourself from costly future repairs.

    Does Your Roof Need an Inspection?

    If your roof is due for an inspection, or you have questions about your roof, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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