The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing


Learn about metal roofingWhether you’re ready for a new roof for your business or for your home, there are plenty of reasons to give metal roofing a closer look. While most people associate metal roofing systems with large commercial structures like sports venues, churches, and schools, they are also an excellent choice for homes as well – no matter how big or small your house is.

Metal roofs are typically made using one of six types of steel: galvalume coated steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. Which type of material you choose for your roof depends on several factors including structure type and budget.

It’s good to note that metal can be used on just part of the roof, too, especially as an accent or on the awning.

Top five reasons to choose a metal roof

  • They are easy to maintain. Maintenance for your metal roof is very likely be minimal. Typically, a roofing professional will only need to inspect gutters, clear off branches, leaves and other debris, and check for damage during a routine inspection. Like all roofing systems, no matter what material they consist of, metal roofs should be checked out after a strong storm, and gutters should be cleaned twice a year. 

  • They are long lasting. When you consider that metal is the material of choice for roofing systems on buildings that could sustain high winds or damage from storms, it’s safe to say that it’s designed to last. No matter what type of metal you choose, all used in roofing systems are engineered to be extremely durable. In fact, most metal roofs can last more than sixty years with regular maintenance.  

  • They are eco-friendly. Metal is the natural choice when it comes to a roof system that’s better for the planet. Many types of metal roofing is made with recycled materials, including almost all aluminum roofs. Additionally, metals like copper and zinc are natural metals found in the earth. You can’t get more green than that.

  • They can save you money. Although most metal roofs will cost more to install than roofing systems from other materials, they will save you money in the long run. That’s because the maintenance they require is minimal. And since they are extremely durable, you’ll never have to worry about replacing shingles or tiles.

  • They are often guaranteed. Metal suppliers usually offer excellent warranties on their products, so you can be confident your roofing system is protected in the event of damage or if you need it replaced. Weathertight warranties typically cover costs for commercial metal roofs and many other manufacturers offer warranties on residential metal roof systems as well.

The cons of metal roofing

There are a few things to consider before choosing a metal roof. First, they are usually more expensive to install. In fact, metal roofing systems cost about three times the amount of those from other materials.

Additionally, metal roofs can be noisy, especially during heavy rainfall and hailstorms. If you choose a metal roof, it may be wise to add insulation to soften the sound. It is also  important to note that, should a repair need arise, it may be difficult to match the color of the new metal to that which is already on the roof now that’s been discolored from the elements.

Ready to learn more about metal roofs? Give the team at CertainTeed a call. We’re metal roof experts and here to help you decide if one is right for your home or business.

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