Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof


Pros and cons of a metal roofIf the current roof on your home is in need of replacement or causing many issues, it may be time for you to consider installing a metal roof. These metal roofs can be very low-maintenance and highly efficient, resulting in many typical roofing issues to be solved.

CertainTeed wants to make sure you are in the loop and understand why so many homeowners are making the switch to metal roofing. See CertainTeed’s list of metal roofing pros and cons below.

Pros of Metal Roofs

            Very Environmentally Friendly

While the price tag for a metal roof can be large, the money you will save on cooling and heating costs make this a pro of metal roofs. Metal roofs reflect heat rather than absorb it, which allows for cooling costs to be reduced in all months of the year.


Asphalt roofs are a petroleum product, which rely on the use of fossil fuels. Metal roofs are considered to be significantly more sustainable than the traditional roof for a variety of reasons. First off, these roofs are created with at least 25 percent recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. Another pro of metal roofs is the foundation is strong enough to install solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems.

            Durable and Long-Lasting

The durability and lifespan of metal roofs are two of the main selling points for many homeowners when it comes to deciding to make the purchase. When a metal roof is properly installed, it will typically last anywhere from 40 to 70 years and comes with a 30-50 year manufacturer’s warranty. On the other hand, a typical asphalt roof tends to only last around 10 to 20 years. Additionally, due to the durability of metal roofs, they can withstand all the elements without cracking.

Cons of Metal Roofs

            Can Dent Easily

Although metal roofs can withstand the elements, a con of metal roofs is that they can still be dented by falling branches or large pieces of hail. This is all dependent on the specific type of metal roof you choose, as some of them cannot even be walked on, others the shingles will damage. Some metal shingle types are stronger than others, so if you choose the right material, this hassle can be avoided.

            Very Costly Compared to Alternative Roofs

Unfortunately, these durable, long-lasting roofs come with what can be a very hefty price tag. Metal roofs can cost anywhere from $120 to $9– per 100 square feet, which is approximately 10 times the cost of the traditional asphalt shingles. Additionally, on top of the hefty material costs, specialized installation is required. While the upfront cost of a metal roof can be very expensive, the metal roof will most likely be the last roof you will ever put on your roof.

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While there are pros and cons to every decision, including the process of deciding on a roof, metal roofs tend to come out ahead for homeowners. Aside from the price tag and the ability to dent easily, these metal roofs are visually appealing, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

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