Pros and Cons of a Composite Roof


Pros and cons of a composite roofWhen it comes to replacing the roof on your home, one of the biggest decisions throughout the process is determining which material you want to use for your roof. Many new homeowners tend to choose a slate, asphalt or metal roof, there are many additional roofing systems that will allow your home to stand out amongst the rest.

One of the premium roof options is the composite roof. Whether you know a lot or a little about the benefits of composite roofs, we here at CertainTeed will give you all the pros and cons of a composite roof to determine if a composite roof is the right roof for you and your home.

Pros of a Composite Roof

Understanding what your roof can do for your home in the long term is extremely important in the roofing decision-making process. Listed below are some of the pros of a composite roof.

            Long-Lasting Roof

One of the best parts about composite shingles is how durable they are. Unlike real slate and cedar, you can hit a hole in your roof with an object or walk on it without feeling concerned that there will be any cracking due to its high impact rating- which means these roofs last longer!


The roofing industry is becoming more environmentally conscious, and one way we’ve done that involves developing new materials for roofs. One type of material in particular-composite shingle-is made from recycled products like rubber or plastic! This may not seem too important at first glance but you feel the durability you'll see why it's such a great step towards sustainability.

Cons of a Composite Roof

While composite roofs are a great option, they are not perfect, and it is important to also be aware and understand the cons of these roofs as well. Check out the cons of composite roofs listed below.

Composite Roofs are Newer to the Industry

The fact that composite shingle roofs are newer to the industry might be considered a con, but remember they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. This could also mean there's more research needed into their durability before you make your final decision about which type of material would best suit your house or commercial building.

More Expensive

A composite roof system is considered to be a premium product. This means you'll pay an additional price for it compared with other types of roofs, but this also has its benefits such as increased durability and performance in extreme weather conditions which can make your home more comfortable over time!

Is a Composite Roof Right for You? Contact Us Today

Now that we have addressed both the pros and the cons of a composite roof, you can make the executive decision of if a composite roof is right for you.

Our team at CertainTeed can assist and guide you in the process of installing a composite roof for your home, give us a call today to get the ball rolling! 

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