Liquid-Applied Flashing: What Is It and How I



    Liquid-Applied Flashing: What Is It and How Is It Applied?


    Contractors use flashing to make sure a roof is well weatherproofed. Flashing material protects moisture-vulnerable areas, preventing moisture penetration that can lead to rot and other problems with the materials beneath the surface of the roof. Pipe penetrations and points where perpendicular surfaces (a roof and a parapet, for example) meet are two of the most vulnerable areas of a roof.

    Traditional flashing is created from sheet metal that contractors cut into customized shapes and secured with fasteners and adhesives. Pre-formed flashing pieces can also be made from rubber, plastic, or metal, which is shaped to fit common roof penetrations and is also installed with fasteners and adhesives.

    Liquid-Applied Flashing Pipe Penetration pointLiquid-applied flashing is a system that consists of multiple components. It requires a liquid resin and a “fleece”, or a flexible fabric membrane. The fleece is cut to fit wherever it is needed, and is then sandwiched between two coats of resin. The resin is then aloud to cure, and a secure, waterproof seal is formed.

    Versatility is the greatest benefit of liquid-applied flashing. Liquid-applied flashing provides roofers with a flashing option for any possible shape. It adheres to concrete, metal, wood, and most other common surfaces. It is perfect for use with modified bitumen and built-up roofing assemblies.

    Liquid-applied flashing basically becomes a part of the substrate once it cures. It requires no additional sealant or fasteners, and it possesses great resistance to puncture, tearing, structural movement, high winds, and routine foot traffic. Additionally, liquid-applied flashing is designed to be UV resistant so it can endure constant sun exposure.

    Liquid-applied flashing can be made to look cosmetically identical to the rest of the roof by casting roofing granules over the flashing before it begins to cure, or by applying a secondary, colored coat.

    When looking at the list of benefits liquid-applied flashing provides, it’s easy to see why it is such a popular choice for professional roofers.

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