Keys to a Long-Lasting Roof



    Keys to a Long-Lasting Roof


    Doesn’t everyone install their roof with the intention of it lasting for decades, protecting their home against the elements, and requiring minimal maintenance? 

    Of course, but it isn’t just luck that makes an effective, long lasting roof. It is education and utilizing the right resources in all parts of the roofing process.

    Before Installation

    Installation is the foundation of a long lasting roof. Initial installation is critical because even the most minor mistakes and miscalculations can lead to major, long-term issues. These mistakes are easily avoidable, but require you to do your research up front. It is extremely important to find an experienced roof contractor who will provide proper installation and save you time and money down the road.

    During Installation

    Once you’ve found the right contractor, you’ll also need the right materials. The installation is pivotal, but in the long run, your roof will only be as strong as the materials you used to build it.  Think of this as, “you get what you pay for.” If you buy cheap or incorrect materials, there’s a chance your roof won’t last long. 

    Location is also key when considering materials because they need to be able to withstand the conditions of your environment. The type of materials you use may not present issues right away, but could be detrimental to the durability of your roof in the long run. Local professional contractors will have knowledge and experience in your environment and will be able to help you choose the correct materials for a long lasting roof. 

    After Installation

    Proper installation and quality materials are valuable aspects of building an effective roof, but they don’t mean anything without the last, and most crucial key: regular, ongoing maintenance. 

    Here are a few tips for making regular maintenance easy:

    Frequently clear your roof and gutters of any debris

    Repair any issues as they occur

    Schedule yearly professional inspections

    By following those three simple tips, your roof has the potential to last years, and even decades, past its expected life. But without that maintenance, your roof is almost guaranteed to fail sooner than you anticipated. 

    Your roof protects your home every single day, so give it the care it needs. Follow our keys during the process and you will reap the benefits of an effective, long lasting roof.

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