How to Protect Yourself from Roof Scammers


Unfortunately, there are still bad people out there. Some may try to scam you by pretending to be a professional roofer, ready to fix your roof at a price that seems too good to be true.  

To complicate matters, bogus roofing companies are getting better and better at being deceptive. While major companies like Google have cracked down on these scammers by making it nearly impossible for them to advertise on the web, scammers are still out there taking money from honest people.

One of the ways fake roofing companies operate is by going by a name that’s similar to a legitimate roofing company in the area. Customers think they’re working with the real deal, until they get an outrageous bill for shoddy services.

Below are four ways roofing scammers try to get business. Take a look, so that you’re prepared in the event that one tries to get the best of you. 

1. They give you the lowest repair estimate ever

One of the easiest giveaways that you’re dealing with a roofing scammer is the too-good-to-be-true estimate for their work. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money on your roof repairs, but if a roofing company offers services that are way below what other companies are charging, there is a problem. Especially if they pressure you into acting fast for a “limited time” offer. Steer clear and call a roofer with a proven reputation for delivering excellence at fair prices.

2. They contact you after a storm

Roofing scammers love bad weather. As soon as you hear the first clap of thunder, they start making phone calls to homeowners in the path of the storm. They’ll also walk door-to-door once the weather clears and drop pamphlets on doorsteps about roof repairs after storm damage.

If they can manage to talk to a homeowner, they’ll usually try to talk them into replacing the entire roof. Then, they’ll write up an insurance claim, file it, and before you know it, they’ve scammed both you and the insurance company.

3. The case of the phantom roof damage

If a roofer shows up out of the blue to tell you they’ve noticed a potential problem with your roof, you’re probably dealing with a scam artist. If you let these unethical folks up on the roof to do an inspection, they’ll probably climb down and tell you the damage is extensive and that you need major repairs – or even an entirely new roof.

One of the best ways to protect your pocketbook when this happens is to be prepared. Understand the basic components of your roof and its condition so that you can call the scam artist’s bluff quickly.

4. They give your insurance company a higher invoice

Roofing scammers know they can get the most money from insurance companies. If a roofer bills an insurance company separately for a higher price, you’re dealing with a schemer. These scammers will tack on charges for work they never delivered and try to get the insurance company to pay for it.

Never let a roofing company pay your deductible and if you suspect you’ve fallen prey to a roofing scam, contact your insurance company and the Better Business Bureau immediately.

Protect Yourself from Roof Scammers

So, how do you avoid being the victim of a roofing scam? Look for CertainTeed affiliated roofing companies where you live to be confident you are working with professional, highly reputable roofers who deliver quality work at great prices. 

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