How to Secure Christmas Decorations on Your Roof


securing christmas decorations on the roofSanta and his reindeer aren’t the only ones using your roof this season. If you’re a decoration die-hard, the roof is the perfect place to demonstrate your commitment to the holiday season and show off your Christmas spirit. Whether it’s an inflatable snowman, Christmas lights, or mechanical masterpiece, getting them on the roof is only half the battle. The other half is securing them for the winter weather that lies ahead. Let’s discuss safe and efficient ways to put up Christmas decorations on your roof.

Warnings for Placing Christmas Decorations on the Roof

Getting on the roof can be dangerous. Mix in labor and decorations, there are some rules to live by to ensure your safety and avoid damage to your property.

  • Never use staples or nails to secure your Christmas decorations to the roof. These methods cause holes which can lead to leaks and further, more expensive damages.
  • Don’t plug in Christmas lights through a window. A GFCI device is recommended which utilizes a grounding path decreasing the likelihood of shocks and fire hazards.
  • Keep flammable material out of range of the chimney. Keep in mind, most Christmas decorations are flammable.
  • Limit your walking time. Reducing the amount of time you’re active on the roof inherently decreases the likelihood of an accident.

Best Way to Attach Christmas Decorations to Roof

The ultimate rule when working on the roof is to have a spotter. Someone there to assist you if anything were to go wrong. Your safety is number one priority. Once you get that checked off the list, here are the best ways to attach Christmas decorations to your roof:

  • Use zip-ties and sandbags to hold down inflatables and a wooden frame to mount inflatables. You can then use the sandbags to weigh down the wooden frame. Getting up the ladder can be challenging with sandbags. Be sure your buddy is near to assist getting decorations where you need them.
  • Hang lights using shingle clips and ridge clips. To avoid the hassle of hanging lights on the roof, utilize the eaves, fascia, and gutters. The gutters can be a sensitive area. Too much weight can cause them to collapse, so don’t overdo it on the clips and lights.

Check for Damage

While you’re on the roof, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and check for any damage. Remember, winter weather comes with high winds, snow, and hail which could lead to ice dams. Make note of any problem areas and consult a local roofing contractor for assistance.

Winter Roofing Needs

If your winter wonderland extends to your roof, there is potential for roof damage. If you experience any damage or are in the need of repair, don’t let it ruin the holidays. Reach out to us today. With our decades of experience, we can get your roof back in working order in no time.  

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