How a New Roof Can Increase Curb Appeal


Blue house with blue stairs and red door and a traditional roof styleImagine you get invited to a dinner party at a new friend’s home. As you drive into the neighborhood and pull up in front of their house you see an un-mowed lawn, overgrown landscaping, paint peeling off the sides of the house, and a cracked roof. What is your first impression?

Likely, it isn’t a good one.

The exterior of a home is the first impression of any guest and can tell someone what they expect to see on the inside. As a homeowner who entertains from time to time, you want to put your best foot forward to make them feel welcome.

Taking up a large portion of the visual exterior is the roof.  When it comes time to replace your roof, consider what impact it has on the aesthetic of your home as well as the protection it provides. Let’s take a look at how a new roof can increase the curb appeal of your home.

Roof Design Elements and Perceived Value

As materials and roofing technology advance, there are more options available to consumers. They can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and materials that match their and their home’s personality. Certain colors and styles also come with what’s referred to in marketing as “perceived value”.

Perceived value is the consumer’s own perception of the product or service’s merit compared to other similar products or services. A roof can be a great way to stand out from your neighbors. Take the shape of the shingles or even the color and guests will be awed by the extra effort put into a traditionally boring aspect of a home’s exterior.

Increase the Value of your Home

One of the first questions a homebuyer will ask about is when the last time the roof was replaced. From a buyer’s perspective, this is a big expense and can cause a fair amount of stress for potential homeowners.

If you believe your roof could cause any issues during your home sale, then it is a good idea to replace it before listing. This will overcome any objections regarding the lifespan and quality of your roof.

On average, replacing the roof will increase the home value and you can see between a 60.9% and 68.2% ROI depending on the type of roof. It may not be 100% ROI, but it could be a better alternative to decreasing the asking price of your home.

Increase your Curb Appeal and Home Value

First impressions are everything, and a new roof can provide the curb appeal you need to make sure your home looks aesthetically pleasing for any occasion.

Whether you’re getting a new roof in preparation to sell or trying to increase your home’s curb appeal, we can help get you the roof to match your needs.

Our roofing contractors are experts in the field and are happy to answer any questions and all questions. Give us a call today.

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