Guide to Stringing Lights on your Deck


Stringing lights on the deckFrom backyard barbeques to stories around a fire pit, the deck is host to many gatherings. Sunrise to sunset, memories are made but they don’t have to stop there. Enjoying your outdoor oasis doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Stringing lights along your deck – a quick, easy, and cheap way to extend those gatherings well into the night. Not to mention, the added ambiance to your outdoor living space. We have put together the best way to string lights on your deck so you can enjoy it in as little as a couple of hours.  

What You’ll Need

Most of the tools and materials can be found in-home. Everything else can be found at your local home improvement store.

  • Cup hooks
  • Electronic screwdriver
  • Exterior wood screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Zip ties
  • Level
  • Wood posts
  • Stain to match your deck
  • Buzzsaw (optional)

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started.

Steps to Installing the Posts

  1. Determine the number of posts you need. Depending on the layout of your deck, you may need multiple pillars to cover every corner. You don’t need pillars next to the home, only at the farthest point(s) of the deck.
  2. Measure, cut, and stain the posts. Determine how long the posts need to be and make sure they aren’t too short. We don’t want them getting in the way of any of your taller guests. Once you have measured the length, you can cut the posts yourself or your local home improvement store will assist. Finally, stain the posts to match the color of your deck.
  3. Attach the posts to your deck.  Using the electronic screwdriver and the exterior wood screws, attach the posts to the corner(s) of your deck. Use the level to ensure they are installed straight and several screws for maximum support.

Steps to Hanging Lights

  1. Install hooks. Screw in the cup hooks at the top of each post and the point(s) on the house that will support the string lights. It would be a good idea to measure how far down from the top of each post you will screw in the hooks. As well as, directly across to the house to make sure the lights are hung evenly.
  2. String lights. With the posts and hooks in place, it’s time to string your outdoor lights. To keep the lights in place, use zip ties to secure them.


Is it Time for a New Deck?

Deck lighting can complete the look and feel of your deck, but if you are looking to add or upgrade your current outdoor oasis, give us a call. We are experienced hardscape and decking professionals and would love to help with your next project.

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