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It can be tempting to put off roof and home repairs, especially during the pandemic, when we’re all trying to stay healthy by staying in more than usual. But if this year has taught us anything, it’s that our home is important. In fact, it’s our haven.

That’s why it’s important to make sure the roof over your head is in top shape, especially as we head into the colder months.

This year, we’ve seen many homeowners come to regret their decision to wait on roof repairs. Here’s some of the top reasons to not delay making repairs to your roof and home.

1. It can cause serious leaks.

One of the biggest reasons to make roof repairs quickly is to avoid leaks that can happen when your roofing system is damaged. You’ll also want to address and repair a small leak before it turns into something serious.

Winter weather can also lead to damaged roofs, especially after a storm or when snow and ice start to melt. That’s why you should have your roof inspected by a roofing professional before the cold weather really sets in.

Roof damage can cause water leaks that can lead to everything from roof rot to mold and mildew on interior walls and ceilings, to cracked and warped foundations. Water can also damage your flooring and furniture.

2. It can be dangerous.

Simply put – a damaged roof is a liability risk and can put you and your family in danger. This can happen when loose singles, tiles, or other roof components are no longer secure and fall onto someone and cause injury.

Additionally, your homeowners’ insurance may not cover the cost of a new roof if you’ve waited too long to make repairs. And, if your roofing system is no longer under warranty, you’ll have to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. Which leads us to our next reason…

3. It’s expensive.

It’s always best to be proactive and make repairs as soon as you know there’s a problem. If not, it could get worse, and be expensive to fix. For example, water damage to walls and flooring (not to mention mold and mildew removal) can lead to extremely costly repairs. Worse, delaying a repair may result in needing a new roofing system.

Pro tip: Getting ready to sell your home? Consider either investing in a new roof or making repairs to your existing one increase your home’s value.

4. It could cause electrical issues.

Old roofs in need of repair can cause serious electrical issues that can lead to fires. This usually happens when water from a leaking roof gets into your home’s wiring and causes outlets to spark and erupt into flames.

Roofing professionals are trained to look for roof issues that are potential fire hazards and can make the necessary repairs, so you and your family can stay safe.

5. It can attract critters – including rodents. 

Houseguests are lovely, but not when they’re rodents, vermin, or a host of other critters who can make their way into your home via a crack in the roof. Rats and other animals can breed behind walls and in crawl spaces. Bats often enter homes through the roof and secure themselves to corners in closets.

Insects and animals can wreak havoc on your home and cause a myriad of problems, from urine stains on the walls to terrible odors (especially from carcasses). Keeping your roof in top shape can help prevent these unwanted guests from entering your home.

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