Five Subtle Signs of Roof Damage You May Have



    Five Subtle Signs of Roof Damage You May Have Missed


    Everyone is familiar with the more obvious signs of roof damage. Sagging roof decks, leaks, and wet spots inside your home are all clear signs that something is wrong with your roof, and they are relatively hard to miss.

    However, there are several signs of roof damage that are far more subtle. You might not immediately recognize these occurrences as the clues that they are, but if you know what to look for they can be pretty easy to spot. Here are five less obvious signs that your roof may be damaged.

    Dark Spots on Roof1. Black Spots on Your Roof

    Black spots are usually caused by moisture trapped somewhere on your roof. They may not seem like a serious problem at first, but they can become dangerous if they are not quickly taken care of. Neglected black spots on a roof can eventually lead to mold and larger leaks in your home, and they should be professionally repaired as soon as possible.

    2. Whistling Sounds in Your Home

    If you start to hear a whistling noise in your home that wasn’t there before, it might be caused by roof damage. New air flows can be created even by minor damage in your roof, and they can be difficult to track down without careful examination. If you are sure your house is completely sealed and the whistling persists, have your roof checked immediately so you can prevent any further damage.

    3. Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

    If a whistling sound indicates new air flow, it’s likely that air flow is carrying warm or cool air you’re paying for out of your home. When heating or cooling is able to escape your house through the roof, your energy bill can spike. Addressing the damaged roofing area should bring your energy bills back down to expected levels.

    4. Grit in your gutters and/or nails on the ground

    As shingles start to degrade, course, black granules can collect in your gutters. Nails may also fall out of a deteriorating roof, and they can fall into the gutters or on the ground around the house. If you find either of these signs, your roof probably needs service.

    Animals on Roof5. Animals Frequently Running on Your Roof

    If you notice that your roof has become a high traffic area for small animals lately, it’s possible it could be an indicator of roof damage. Animals love good hiding places, and holes in your roof fit the bill. It may seem funny at first, but if animals start making homes in damaged areas of your roof, you should schedule professional repair service as soon as possible.

    Signs of roof damage aren’t always clear or easy to find, so you should schedule yearly maintenance with a professional roofer. Regular service will ensure small signs of damage don’t escape your notice and become bigger problems later.


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