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Many Fairfax and Northern Virginia homes strive to maintain a traditional look while also keeping their roofing and siding secure and updated. There are many beautiful homes in the Fairfax area, but finding the right look for these homes can be a challenge. While traditional natural building materials are beautiful, they can also be costly to replace or maintain, and provide many challenges for safety and insulation. This leaves many home owners looking for roofing and siding options with the classic look of traditional building materials, but the sturdy reliability of innovative modern materials.

A Virginia condo recently faced this challenge, and after researching their options found what they were looking for in Carolina Beaded™ vinyl siding from CertainTeed®. Carolina Beaded™ vinyl siding has a deep groove along the bottom edge to separate the rounded bead from the face of each panel. It provides a distinct shadow line which gives this siding its classic look. The brushed finish beautifully replicates the look of freshly painted wood. Available in a variety of colors, this siding offers choices for every homeowner.

The most beautiful feature of this vinyl siding? Its color performance and impact resistance, longevity, and strength. The exclusive PermaColor™ from CertainTeed® assures color performance, impact resistance, and durability. Unlike wood siding, which requires regular painting and maintenance, Carolina Beaded™ offers an alternative with less hassle. To learn more about Carolina Beaded™ siding, and about customers who chose it, check out our resources below. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 703-455-9418 or contact us online.


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