The Danger of Delaying Roof and Home Repairs


Roof and home repair by professionalsAs we all stay at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it can be tempting to press the pause button on plans like home and roof repairs. Now, however, may be just the time to get them done. Many roofing projects can be done outside, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll stay healthy while the roofing professionals are on the job.   

Of course, you should never delay home maintenance and repairs. Here are five reasons why your should never delay roof repairs.

You’ll incur more roof damage

When you’ve got a problem with your roof, there’s a good chance it won’t get better until you call a professional to fix it. In fact, it will likely get worse and could even lead to more problems in other parts of the house. For example, a minor leak in the roof can cause damage to the walls and ceilings. A single roof problem can result in floor and even foundation damage.

Roofing costs will increase

With the economy in flux due to the coronavirus, now is the time to watch your money. It’s important to take care of home and roof repairs as soon as you can to avoid a bigger bill in the future. If you wait and more damage is done, the repair will take more time and will probably cost a lot more money, too.

Roofing damage can be dangerous

The more major the roofing project or home repair, the more time it will take to get the job done. Often, a roofing professional can finish a roof repair quickly and easily. If you wait until the problem gets worse, however, it can take more than a week to complete, and that means your life may be disrupted longer than you anticipated.

Roofing damage can cause health issues

Your health probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you’ve got a leaking roof. Consider this: a small leak can turn into a mold problem once water damage gets to walls and ceilings. Additionally, any storm damage to a roof that isn’t repaired quickly can lead to structural damage to your home, which can cause safety issues for you and your family.

Your roof and insurance issues

When you wait too long to file a claim for insurance for a home or roof repair, like after a storm has damaged your roof, for example, you could be denied if they feel you’ve waited too long. Don’t hesitate on a roofing or home repair that requires insurance. Contact your provider immediately or be prepared to pay a lot more out-of-pocket.

Contact a roofing professional today

We’re here to help – now during the COVID-19 crisis, and always. Don’t delay your roofing and home repairs until it’s too late. 

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