How to Cut Cooling Costs with a New Roof


Cooling RoofsAs the days grow longer and the summer heat becomes unbearable, many homeowners struggle just as much with rising energy bills as they do with the rising temperature. For families, staying cool and comfortable can be a budget-breaking struggle.

Experts agree that temperatures will continue to rise. As the days grow hotter and summer weather lingers longer in the fall, it will increasingly impact your energy bills.

Luckily, there are ways to cut down on cooling costs, saving you money and keeping your family cool even as temperatures rise. In this article, we’ll a focus on the roof – a primary factor that contributes to the urban heat islands and your home energy costs.

What is the Urban Heat Island?

Many buildings were originally built to insulate heat. This is a great choice for long and cold winters, but it can be a problem in summers. Insulated buildings trap heat, increasing the temperature around the building.

In cities and urban settings, where buildings are close together, this creates an urban heat island. The temperature becomes abnormally high, and the insulated buildings, concrete streets and sidewalks prevent that heat from escaping even during the cooler nights.

This will increase your cooling costs, even for suburban homes.

Cooling Roofs for your Home

A cooling roof uses solar reflectance, or albedo, to reflect heat and sunlight during hot summer months. This can reduce the overall temperature of your home and reduce your cooling costs.

Thermal emittance is another characteristic of cooling roofs that can reduce your energy bills. This allows the roof to dissipate, or reemit, absorbed heat away from your home. This means that your home is cooler even in the hottest days of summer.

Depending on the options and design of your home, a cooling roof won’t significantly increase the cost of a new roof.

The Benefits of Cooling Roofs

Cooling roofs are designed to keep you cooler, and more comfortable, in summer – which is an instant benefit for you and your family. Other benefits of cooling roofs include:

  • Reduced Energy Cost: A home with a cooling roof will require less air conditioning even on the hottest days. This will lower your energy bills whenever you run an air conditioner.

  • Resale Value: Energy efficiency features like a cooling roof will increase the value of your home.

  • Better Comfort: A cooling roof is more comfortable, reducing temperatures and hot spots in your home. You and your family are more comfortable, even when the air conditioner isn’t running.

  • Reduced Pollution: With lower energy bills, you decreased the pollution caused by power plants.

According to the US Department of Energy, you can see yearly savings as much as 50 cents per square foot of your home with a cooling roof.

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