Choosing the Right Roofing for Your Home: Par



    Choosing the Right Roofing for Your Home: Pt. I


    No two roofs are the same. Technological innovations of the past two decades have taken roofing beyond simply choosing your shingle material, style, and color. You are now able choose from a wide variety of building materials to tailor-fit your roof for your home’s specific climate. Asking the right questions, and doing a little bit of homework about the potential weather your roof may face, can help improve your home today, and avoid repairs down the road.

    Oh HAIL No!

    HailDo you live in a hail-prone area? Well, you’re in luck! Roofing technology has come a long way in protecting your home from hail. Today, most roofing manufacturers offer “impact resistant” products to guard your home from damaging precipitation and small debris. To be called “impact resistant,” these products undergo a series of tests, including hail simulation, to ensure they meet the standards for protecting your home. These products are commonly produced using impact absorbing materials, but are tough enough to further protect your home from the damaging winds and debris that often accompany hail.

    Given the recent increase in hail storms, some homeowners’ insurance companies have begun requiring the use of “impact resistant” materials in areas prone to hail. We recommend you consult your insurance company before choosing a product, as many insurance carriers will offer a discount on “impact resistant” materials once they have been installed.

    If hail is your weather worry, look for products with “impact resistance” in their description or are labeled as “Class IV Impact Resistance” – the highest impact resistance rating for roofing materials.

    What’s Next?

    A new roof is an investment, and should be approached thus so. Doing some research and working with a trusted contractor will make ensure you confidently select the “impact resistant” roofing materials that best suit your home.

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