Choosing the Best Color for Your Roof


Best Roof Color Utilities are at an all-time high.  

This has caused many new homeowners to think about their roofing options for potential savings. But will the color of your roof save you money? If so, which is better, light or dark roof shingles?  

Does Roof Color Matter? 

Roof color matters when it comes to temperature and aesthetics. Lighter shingles play a part in the temperature, particularly in your attic, cooling it by 20 to 40 degrees. While this may tempt some homeowners to choose light-colored roofs over dark ones, the temperature difference in the main house is only 4 to 7 degrees; therefore, you may not notice a huge difference in your utility bills.  

In general, dark-colored shingles are good for cold climates or homes that don’t get much sunlight, since they can warm the home during winter. On the other hand, light-colored shingles are better suited for warmer weather since they deflect sunlight and keep the home cooler. 

Dark-Colored Roofs 

Dark shingles attract more heat and are likelier to conduct a warmer temperature on the structure underneath. In addition, darker roofs can help melt the snow and ice faster than lighter shingles.  

Aesthetically, there are additional reasons many prefer darker shingles. For example, a darker roof will pair very well if your home is lighter. Moreover, if there are specific features in the design of your house that you’d like to highlight, darker shingles will likely fade into the background, allowing those features to stand out.  

A disadvantage to using dark-colored shingles is that they deteriorate faster than lighter shingles due to absorbing more heat. However, roofing experts have not found that dark-colored shingles necessarily have a shorter lifespan than lighter shingles.  

Light-Colored Roofs 

Light-colored roofs absorb less heat since they have energy-saving capabilities that reflect sunlight and heat away from the property, thus lowering the temperature inside.  

Light roof shingles are made with the same materials as darker shades, however, the pigment used to color the outer layer of the shingles is different. Many agree that houses with darker siding look the best with lighter-colored shingles. One disadvantage of choosing a lighter-colored roof shingle is that they are prone to showing dirt, grime, algae, and mildew.   

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