Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof


Roof in WinterAs roofers, the crisp air and colorful fall colors makes us think of what’s ahead: winter. It’s a time of the year that’s top of mind because it can wreak havoc on your roof, home or business, if roofing problems aren’t fixed before the first snow falls.

That’s why we recommend winterizing your roof, starting with a thorough check and, quite possibly, an inspection by a CertainTeed professional. Ready to make sure your roofing system is sound and ready for winter? Follow our checklist below for steps on how to winterize your roof.

Inspect the area around the house.

You’ll want to begin with paying careful attention to what’s on the ground. Look for parts of shingles or roof residue. Also, be on the lookout for fallen branches. If there are some on the ground, there’s a good chance there are more on the roof.

Look up at the roof.

Next, walk around the house and look up at the roof, noticing if you spot any places where there may be damage. Look to see if the gutters are secure to the roof and check for any water stains, peeling paint, or cracks near the roof. This may indicate you have a leak.

Check the gutters.

Now it’s time to secure a ladder to your home and inspect the gutters. Make sure you clear any leaves, branches and dirt from the gutters. This is especially important so snow can accumulate and melt in the gutters come wintertime.

Pay attention to caulking and flashing.

While looking at the shingles on your roof, don’t forget to look at the caulking and flashing as well. Any areas that are missing caulk or flashing will need to be resealed to prevent damage during wintertime.  

Look for animal or pest damage.

During the warmer months, animals including birds, can make homes on or underneath your roof. Look for any nests from bees, wasps and birds, holes made by animals, and even spiderwebs. If you are uncomfortable removing the nests, or if there are holes in the roof from animals, first call an exterminator, then call a roofing professional who can repair the damage.

Check the attic.

It’s important to check the attic this time of the year for any leaks in the ceiling or the walls. Look for peeling paint, mold, water marks or cracks. These problems could be a sign that your roof is in need of a of repair.

Check the rest of the house, too.

After you’ve done a thorough inspection of the attic, take a look at the rest of the house. If you notice any water marks on the walls – or even on the floor – you’ll want to call a roofing professional who can determine if the damage is from a roofing issue.

Cut back branches.

It’s important to cut back any that are hanging over the roof before winter sets in. Snow can weigh heavily on tree branches and cause them to snap, land on the roof, and cause damage.

Get a roof inspection.

To be sure your roof is ready for the colder months, contact a CertainTeed roofing professional who can thoroughly inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs so you can be worry-free all winter.

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