The benefits and types of commercial green roofs


commercial green roof in urban settingGreen roofs may be a trend, but it’s definitely one that’s here to stay and for good reason. Actually, make that for many good reasons. Not only are green roofs a great way to add beauty to the neighborhood and instill a sense of well-being for your employees and customers, but they can help keep energy costs down. And, of course, they’re good for the planet.

Below, we break down some of the biggest benefits of green roofs and the main types you can choose. One type is certain to be the best for your business.

The benefits of green roofs for businesses

They’re beautiful.

Green roofs are stunning, and they bring a true sense of beauty to the area. A number of types of plants, trees and flowers can thrive on a green roof, and since it’s been proven that being around plants can improve mood, adding a green roof to your business will certainly make your employees happy.

They can lower energy bills.

Green roofs are natural insulators that absorb UV rays and reduce heat. They can also help keep the building warm in the wintertime. That means it may cost you less to heat and cool your business.

They help manage stormwater.

It’s a roof’s job to manage stormwater, and a green roof does just as good a job at this as a roof made with more traditional materials.

They can raise your building’s value.

Considering all the benefits of having a green roof, it’s no wonder it can make your building more desirable when it’s time to sell it.

They can reduce urban heat islands.

There’s a reason it’s usually a few degrees warmer in the city than it is in the country. Asphalt and other materials absorb heat and make the temperature rise. Green roofs, however, can reduce the temps and keep things cool in the city.

Types of green roofs

There are many types of green roofs. Which works best for your building depends on a number of factors.


Most of the green roofs you see on commercial buildings are intensive roofs. These are green roofs you can walk on like you can on a yard. Because people can congregate on these green roofs, you’ll need to have a flat roof in order for one to be installed.


Unlike intensive roofs, these will not support trees, nor are they appropriate for people to walk on. They can still support bushes and shrubbery, however, and can provide a myriad of benefits for your customers, employees and your business.


These are the shallowest of green roofs. They can’t support any plant growth with a deep root system, but you can grow moss on them. If you’d like to add a green roof but have limited space or are in an area where growing may be difficult, an extensive green roof may be a good idea.

Want to learn more about commercial green roofs? Contact a CertainTeed roofing professional. We can help you choose the best eco-friendly rood for your business.

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