Alexandria Roofing Contractors Deal with Heavy Rainfall


Much of Virginia has had a very wet autumn so far. Heavy rains caused flooding and water damage in parts of the state. Even in areas where rainfall wasn’t as severe, not all homes and roofs fared well. Heavy rainfall can expose roofing and siding problems which were easy to ignore in fairer weather. New roof leaks are discovered; small leaks which needed minor roof repairs are become large leaks which can’t be ignored. Homeowners who require roof replacements and roof repair are scrambling to find a roofing contractor to repair their homes, and roofing companies are overwhelmed by requests for service.

If your home needs repairs or hasn’t been recently inspected, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with a reliable Alexandria roofing contractor. A wet autumn might not be the only severe weather Northern Virginia faces this year. Make sure your roof is safe and ready for the upcoming winter.

Make sure your roof received regular maintenance. Make sure the roof and gutters stay clean and free of leaves and debris. Don’t let moss or lichen take over your roof; these plants can retain moisture during rain and cause rotting. It’s also important to make sure your roof receives regular professional inspections.

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