Alexandria Roofing Contractor-- Do Your Research


Homeowners who are looking for a reliable roofing contractor are encouraged to verify their roofing company before making a payment or signing anything.

These articles from Angie's List will keep you updated on some common practices to beware of.

Roofing Scam: The Storm Chaser: After a storm, be careful to thoroughly research any company that offers to do work on your home. Make sure you’re dealing with a reliable local Northern Virginia roofing company,

Roofing Scam: High Pressure Sales: If anyone shows up at your home and tries to pressure you into signing anything on-the-spot, that’s a warning sign. Make sure you take your time and know your options.

Roofing Scam: The Fluctuating Bid: Some contractors will try to place a low bid and then raise the price later. Make sure you know your contract and what in includes. Most damage can be assessed before work begins.

The bottom line is to always research your roofing contractor. Ask about completed projects and customer testimonials and reviews, Make sure that your roofing company has a physical location near you. Following all these steps are key to finding a reliable Alexandria roofing company.

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