6 Ideas for Covering Your Deck


deck with roof covering and patio furtnitureImagine saving for a robust, elegant, and well-built deck that you’ve put so much work into… a deck that you’ve dreamed of relaxing on and even entertaining friends and family on. Now imagine what it would be like if one day a wave of spontaneous bad weather damaged the entire deck.

Adapting your deck or patio to withstand the elements is the best possible way to mitigate the danger of having to repair and repurchase items from deck disaster. Even if it's just a little overcast with a chance to rain, or a hot summer day and the sun is beating down on you and your guests, you’ll want something that takes those variables into consideration and minimizes their effects. That something is a deck covering.

There are many options to consider when covering your deck that enhance the ambiance and experience while still providing the level of protection you need.

In this article, we’re here to help give some inspiration.

How Much Does It Cost to Cover a Deck?

One of the most important facets of covering your deck is budget and like most people, there will be dealbreakers and must-haves. Materials, square feet, and quality of service will be the largest budget considerations. On average, covering your deck will cost between $1,000 - $10,000.

Ideas for Different Roofs Over your Deck

Each type of deck covering will depend on your ideal outdoor space. Consider the amount of sun your deck sees, the climate and if you want your deck to be enclosed so you’re able to enjoy it year-round, and what will be on the deck. If there’s amenities such as fireplaces or televisions, covering your deck with a roof may be your best bet.

  • Roof Extension:

    • Gable Porch Roof: a triangle shaped roof that has two sections (multiple pitches) that meet to form its ridge. The most common type of deck and patio roof that is often found in cold or temperate climates.

    • Shed Roof: a single pitched roof attached to the house and sloping away from the home.

    • Hip Roof: where all sides slope downwards to the walls with a small slope. An appealing style that is beneficial for uniquely shaped decks or patios.

  • Awning: an overhang or covering attached to the house wall.

  • Pavilion: temporary or permanent, a pavilion is an architectural space that invites people to come and spend time in it.

  • Pergola: an open lattice that is supported by cross beams typically used for shading a deck or patio.

Roofing Experts That Have You Covered

Many roofing contractors extend their services to your home extensions such as a deck or patio. A reputable contractor makes a world of difference in quality and experience. If you are looking to add a roof to your deck or patio, give us a call. We would love to help answer any questions you have.

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