5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wood Shake Roofs


More homeowners than ever are choosing wood shake roofs, and not just because they look great and can really elevate a home’s look.

Many homeowners may not realize all the other benefits to wood shake roofing. They simply don’t know enough about this gorgeous and versatile roofing option, leaving them fewer opportunities to enhance and beautify their home. For example, wood shake roofs are also incredibly durable and great for the planet to boot because they’re made from sustainable materials. In fact, wood shake roofing rarely makes it to the landfill. Instead, it’s repurposed for something new.

Let’s take a look at a few of the other benefits that are driving the renewed homeowner interest in wood shake roofing.

The Benefits of Wood Shake Roofing

Before buying a new roof, take a few moments to consider wood shake roofing.

Excellent durability

Wood shake roofs can stand up to all weather and are very resilient. In fact, wood shingles are typically thicker than asphalt, metal, and other popular roofing materials. They’re also pest resistant and can block UV rays. They are a long-lasting roofing solution that will continue to protect your home and family long after they are installed.

Stellar insulation

If you’re looking to save on your energy bills, a wood shake roof may help. Wood roofing offers great, natural insulation from the elements. A wood shake roof keeps homes warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer.


This is one of the biggest and most popular benefits of wood shake roofing. It’s made from renewable sources. Your new roof is completely biodegradable, and will have a much lower impact on the environment. They also require little maintenance and won’t discolor, fade or warp from the sun. You gain all the benefits of a great new roof, without the environmental cost of other roofing options.

Great curb appeal

There’s no denying that wood shake roofing is very aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home or simply update its look, wood roofing is an excellent option. And wood shake roofing looks even better with age, so the longer you have it the more it can enhance the look of your home. This is a roof you and your neighbors will enjoy.

Easy to install and customize

Wood shake roofing is lightweight and easy to install. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of shingle sizes and from different colors, stains and finishes to truly customize your roof so that it’s perfect for your home.

Learn More About Wood Shake Roofing

We’ve only covered a few of the benefits here. If you are interested in learning more, then contact a CertainTeed roofing professional to get started.

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