3 Reasons why Roof and Home Maintenance are so important


The Importance of Routine Home and Roof MaintenanceIn the last few years, we’ve seen the ascendance of the weekend warrior. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guru with the know-how and tool box to handle whatever homeownership can throw at them.

We’re all for a good DIY project, and will support the tool belt wearing, hardware store-visiting homeowner, but that support comes with a warning…

There is a time and place for a doing it yourself, but there’s also a time call a professional. Regular scheduled, routine maintenance check by an expert will not only keep your home in tiptop shape, but protect you and your family and save money in the long-run.

The Importance of Roof and Home Maintenance

Your roof is more than a slab of wood on top of your house. Preventing leaks and water damage requires a complex system. When it works, it protects, insults and supports the structure of your home.

Projects like new windows, new vinyl siding, skylights and home additions like a custom-built sunroom or composite decking should also receive regular maintenance checks. Catching a problem early, where it can be identified and corrected as part of routine maintenance, can drastically reduce your overall costs.

When planning routine maintenance, keep in mind the following tips, and reasons why a skipped check can mean problems for your family:

  • Roofing Maintenance: Even the best roof requires regular maintenance. Roofs are constantly working for you, constantly exposed to the elements, and this can cause damage. A maintenance check works a lot like an annual physical – a professional will give the roof a thorough inspection and provide an estimate of any needed repair. These costs will be much lower than a major roofing project.

  • Home Maintenance: New additions to the home, like a custom-built sunroom or a new deck, will require additional maintenance. A new sunroom should have the glass cleaned regularly, with a professional cleaning and a check of the seals at least once a year. Damaged seals can reduce the energy efficiency of the home. Any addition that is regularly used by your family, like a deck, should also be inspected for safety.

  • Heating and Cooling: The heating and cooling systems of the home are complex, and likely one of the biggest investments you make in your home. These systems also use as much as 50% or more of your home energy. Problems with your heating and cooling can quickly escalate, becoming a major expense. We suggest seasonal maintenance by professional technicians to extend the life of you system, minimize energy bills, and eliminate problems before they escalate.  

Protect your Home with Regular Maintenance Checks

Keep in mind, your home warranties, including roof warranties, may require regularly scheduled maintenance checks. Protect yourself and your family by scheduling home inspections and maintenance regularly. Contact your local experts today to learn more.

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