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No matter what style of roofing you have, roof leaks can be a major, and potentially costly, hassle. And it’s not just loose shingles that can leak! Roof leaks can come from anywhere, including valleys, flashing, chimneys, plumbing vents, ice dams and more! If your roof is leaking and you need roof repair in Northern Virginia, you can count on the company that can repair any roofing problem – R.M. Banning!

Top of the Line Roof Repair in Fairfax Co., Virginia

Don’t trust your roof repairs to a company that doesn’t know how to fix every type of roof damage. Instead, call R.M. Banning if you need:

Shingle Buckle Repair – Damaged shingles within what’s known as the roof field are the most common source of roof leaks. A thorough roof inspection will determine whether or not your roof leak is within the field of shingles and will allow the roofing repair experts at R.M. Banning to take care of the problem before it has a chance to do too much major damage.

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Valley Repair – A valley is a line where two roof plans intersect. Since they involve the junction of shingles, they are at particularly high risk of leakage – especially if the shingles are not trimmed incorrectly. If a valley on your roof is the sources of the leak, call R.M. Banning. We will inspect and repair the damage and improve the integrity of the valley with metal flashing or by reshaping the shingles so they’ll form a better water seal.

Head Wall Flashing Repair –Roofs that stop at a vertical wall are also at a higher risk for leaks. Properly installed roofing should have metal or membrane flashing to direct water down the roof and prevent it from slipping under the shingles. If you’re having problems with head wall flashing, call R.M. Banning. We’ll take care of the problem the right way, without taking any shortcuts.

Chimney Leak Repair – Some of the most complex areas on the roof, the chimney contains four different types of flashing and are another common source of leaks. Chimneys should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that no leaks slip through.

Plumbing Vent Flashing – The small white pipes that you may have seen coming out of your roof are called plumbing vents, and they often have a rubber seal with urethane flashing. Unfortunately, the rubber collar has a life expectancy of only about five to seven years and can allow water to seep in if it breaks. If your plumbing vent flashing has expired and needs to be replaced, call R.M. Banning today!

Furnace Collar Repair – The flashings on furnace or B-vents are essentially the same as those on plumbing vent flashings, but they sometimes have a metal storm collar which fits around the pipe as it exits the roof. If the collars become loose, they can cause leaks. R.M. Banning can take care of any problems you may experience with your furnace collars.

Ice Dam Leaks – Ice dams can form on your roof even if nothing is actually damaged – instead, they’re caused by water that freezes, melts and refreezes on the roof. Ice dams can block the natural flow of water down the roof, causing it to back up under flashings, shingles, tar paper, etc. Over time, water can start to flow into the house. If ice dams on your roof are causing major water damage within your home, call R.M. Banning for roofing repair.

Wind Blown Rain Leaks – Wind driven rain can be an unforeseen problem that can cause serious damage to your roof. During major storms, wind will drive water up and under your roofing material that can become trapped and lead to problems with mold and leaks.

Other Roofing Repairs – At R.M. Banning, our expertise extends to all areas of roofing repair. If you have popped nails, delaminating shingles or any other roofing problems, call us today.

Fairfax Virginia’s Roofing Repair Contractors

At R.M. Banning, our Northern Virginia roof repair contractors have over 30 years of experience in roof replacement and have completed hundreds of projects in the area. We have achieved the SELECT Shingle Roofer status from the CertainTeed Corporation, an accreditation held by less than 1 percent of all roofing contractors in the country.

When we arrive at your home, the first thing we do is assess the damage and figure out the extent of roofing repair you’ll need. We will then set to work taking care of the problem quickly and within your budget. After the work is completed, we will thoroughly clean the area and dispose of all work related debris off-site.

At R.M. Banning, we can provide roofing repair in:

Alexandria, Annandale, Aquia, Arlington, Ashburn, Bristow, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Dale City, Dulles, Dumfries, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fort Belvoir, Franconia, Gainesville, Great Falls, Haymarket, Independent Hill, Lake Ridge, Linton Hall, Lorton, Manassas, Manassas Park, McLean, Montclair, Mount Vernon, Newington, Nokesville, Oakton, Occoquan, Reston, Springfield, Stafford, Sterling, Triangle, Tysons Corner, Vienna and Woodbridge